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January 24, 2012

What it Means to Endorse We the People

by Herman Cain
Monday January 23, 2012

I made my much publicized unconventional endorsement at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference last week in Charleston, South Carolina. As predicted, the media did not like it, but the people loved it.

I endorsed “the People”. We the people!

The media did not like it because it did not fit their desire to have another quick hot scoop news story that would have about a hot minute-long news cycle. Just look at the endorsements of Jon Huntsman and Rick Perry. They were not stories very long and their impact on the endorsees was questionable.

A single presidential candidate is not going to save this country. “We the People” are going to save this country from its current path of collapse. Yes, collapse is a strong word, but if one honestly considers the facts, that’s the only conclusion one can make about the direction we are headed.

Facts: The national debt is out of control. The economy is not in a recovery. We have an energy crisis. Our space program no longer leads the world . The world is not safer. Our military has been weakened. Most people are not better off than they were three years ago when President Obama took office.

Big government liberals don’t consider the facts. They can’t even handle the facts because the facts do not validate their preconceived emotional motives and objectives. They don’t always know what those objectives are, such as the ill-purposed “Occupy Wall Street” protests. They just want to protest and distract attention in the media from the failures of this administration, and from the need for real solutions to problems.

Our nation is broke. Washington is broken.

It is clear that we are not going to change Washington from the inside. We will have to change it from the outside and from the bottom up. The people!

That means we will have to get specific commitments about specific solutions from candidates before they get elected. The heat must come from that candidate’s constituency, which is hereby endorsed and empowered to take the heat to them. Asking them to adopt the 9-9-9 tax reform plan would be a good start.

But regardless of who is elected, neither he nor the next Congress will take the steps that are necessary to turn this country around unless the people demand that he do so.

I was encouraged by some students at the College of Charleston during a rally with Stephen Colbert last week, when they shouted out “thanks for endorsing me”. Endorsing the people is a wake-up call to action.

Several reporters kept asking me during interviews what endorsing the people means. This shows just how insulated and out of touch with the people they are. The media class and the political class believe they are in charge.

Endorsing the people was a reminder that elected officials work for us, and that we are in charge if we assert our collective power. They forget that, so we have to remind them.

We the People are coming. We want our power back.