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January 8, 2012

Join the 999 Revolution!

January 8, 2012
by Herman Cain

Our nation is plagued with crises. We have an economic crisis, a spending crisis, a big government crisis, an energy crisis, an immigration crisis, a foggy foreign policy crisis, an assault on the Constitution crisis and a moral crisis.
President Obama blames the Bush Administration, the Republicans in Congress, big business, rich people and even the American people by saying in essence that we have lost our optimism. That’s what happens, Mr. President, when we have a leadership crisis in the White House.
Sadly, polls consistently show that President Obama has about a 45 percent job approval rating. These 45 percent must be some of the most clueless people on Earth, or they have been living in a cave for the last three years. The other option is that they have drunk so much of the Obama Kool-Aid that they do not want to know the truth.
The truth is the people of these United States are fed up, just as the colonists were fed up with King George and his abusive treatment of the colonies. The colonists cited those specific abuses in the Declaration of Independence, and showed their defiance with the Boston Tea Party in 1773.
Ten years later (1783) we had the start of the American Revolution. We won!
It’s time for another revolution. This time it will not be bombs and bullets. It will be brains and ballots. In 1773, it was taxation without representation and other abuses. This time it’s too much taxation, regulation and legislation. Period!
A recent Gallup poll determined that nearly two-thirds of the American people say big government will be the biggest threat to the country.
We need another revolution!
Let’s start with the biggest domestic crisis we have – an economy on life support.
The best solution on the table is my 9-9-9 economic growth and jobs plan. All of the other proposals are just rearranging the deck chairs on the proverbial Titanic.

9-9-9 the Revolution is not a Republican, Democratic, conservative, liberal or libertarian movement. It is a “We the People” movement. It rises above the political rhetoric, candidate attacks and the president’s blame game.
This is a Solutions Revolution that you can find at
The strategy is straightforward and simple. We will mobilize citizens by congressional districts to obtain commitments from candidates running for Congress before they get elected to co-sponsor or vote for the 9-9-9 legislation.
We will partner with like-minded organizations and use media, rallies, bus tours and speaking opportunities for yours truly and other strong voices to promote our mission of making 9-9-9 the new law of the land. We have all been abused by a broken tax code, a broken Washington and deceptive politicians for way too long.
Let’s transfer power back to the people. That’s the way this country was founded, and that’s what it will take to save this country. We must save it from the outside in order to bring about the right kind of changes inside Washington.
It will not be easy, just as it was not easy 235 years ago.
Remember, it’s not about us. It’s about our grandchildren.
I will not be guilty of doing nothing.
Join the Revolution!