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August 8, 2010

New four-letter word for you liberals: SIIN

August 8, 2010
By Herman Cain

In a previous commentary I revealed three of the most often-used tactics of liberals. They shift the subject, ignore the facts, and resort to name calling.

Recently, a caller to my nightly radio show invoked a new tactic, which most people know exists, but it is not often used so openly and brazenly. It’s attempted intimidation.

After explaining to listeners how the policies of President Obama and the Democrats in Congress had failed to stimulate the economy, with stalled growth and systemic high unemployment, caller G suggested that since I had lost my bid for United States Senate in 2004, and since John McCain had lost to President Obama in 2008, that I should just “sit down and shut up”.

I assured her that there was no way in my lifetime that that was going to happen.

Although it probably did not register with her, I also told her that when we reach a point where we cannot disagree with or criticize our elected so-called leaders, then our constitutional republic will have become a nation of tyranny. That’s also not going to happen.

Liberals are so desperate to deflect attention away from the failed policies of this administration and this Congress that people such as caller G are now openly using attempted intimidation, since name-calling is not working like it used to.

The name-calling campaign started with Speaker Pelosi calling Tea Party people ‘Astroturf’ in early 2009. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid called us ‘un-American’, and so-called actress JaneaneGarofalo called us “tea baggin racists”. The latest attempt by the racially focused NAACP to label Tea Party people as racists backfired. And now the Democratic National Committee (DNC) has launched a campaign to try and label Tea Party people as Republicans, while other Democrats in Congress just call us crazy.

We are crazy! We are crazy about the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, the free market system, and the United States of America.

So the latest tactic by caller G was an attempt to intimidate me and other voices who dare criticize President Obama, ineffective policies and bad legislation.

Ironically, the next caller (caller A) directed her comments to caller G and the other listeners, and stated that “Mr. Cain cannot shut up because that’s how I know what’s really happening. I am tired of this administration pouring warm water on my leg and telling me it’s raining.” (You can substitute any phrase in your imagination for the pouring warm water phrase. POML comes to mind for me.)

After I got my uncontrollable laughter back under control, I thanked caller A for her encouragement, and hoped that caller G was still listening.

President Obama has called this time leading up to the November elections “silly season” in politics. No, the desperate liberals are making it stupid season, because people are tired of the SIIN tactics.

If intimidation is the latest tactic in the liberal’s playbook, then that’s good for conservatives if they get up, get out and vote in the upcoming mid-term elections.

Conservatives who favor less government and lower taxes are winning the public discourse with facts, logic and common sense. Because liberals can’t handle the facts, logic is non-existent, and they have an allergic reaction to common sense.

SIIN is the liberal’s new four letter word, but the conservatives and Tea Party people have a new ‘N’ word.

November is coming!