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August 30, 2010

CEO is not in Obama’s DNA

August 29, 2010
By Herman Cain 

While House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) urged President Obama last Tuesday to fire his economic team, a real CEO would have made that move months ago.

A real CEO would have also developed and implemented a new strategy to stimulate the economy as soon as it became apparent that the old one was not working.

Even worse, the administration is in denial about the fact that its economic policies are not working. This is evidenced by Vice President Joe Biden’s spin tour trying to convince people that their policies are working using concocted measurements such as “jobs saved”, and the latest addition to their spin vocabulary – “lives touched”.

I am one of many writers who warned that we could not spend our way to prosperity, but the administration and the Democrat-controlled Congress passed the $862 billion non-stimulus bill anyway. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called on members of Congress back during the August congressional recess to spend another $26 billion to help save some more union jobs.

President Obama is now floating the idea of spending another $30 billion to stimulate community bank lending to small businesses. Add this idea to the growing list of poorly executed and ineffective pop-tart programs such as cash for clunkers, cash for caulkers, cash for air (air conditioning system upgrade), and the Home Affordable Modification Program, and it’s no wonder the administration is making up new words to avoid talking about their failed programs and policies.
Even though a majority of the voters did not want the health care legislation to pass, the president forced it through anyway. And instead of people liking it more and more as we find out what’s in the bill, Nancy, more and more people are disliking the bill. Even though the job-killing Cap and Trade legislation was not read by anyone voting for it, the House passed it anyway.

Thankfully, because of a huge outcry from the voters to their senators, the Cap and Trade legislation is in full retreat in the Senate. It’s never dead with the current leadership in Washington, so we will take retreat for now.

Starting with President Obama’s unmanageable management structure, with dozens of czars plus traditional Cabinet secretaries, and now a parade of failed programs and policies, he is either too out of touch with reality, has no idea of which changes need to be made or truly believes in the incompetent people he has surrounded himself with. Or maybe the president can blame it all on an equally incompetent Democrat-controlled Congress.

Unfortunately, it’s all of the above.

We have a president incapable of making the right management moves, developing a new workable economic strategy, or worse yet, not even knowing that these changes are necessary. It’s not in his DNA.

So if the president is not listening to the voters, he is certainly not going to listen to the Minority Leader.

That makes November that much more critical. We will remember.