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April 4, 2010

Defending ObamaCare with, shall we say... misinformation

April 4, 2010
By Herman Cain

The degree to which President Obama is being misinformed or just uninformed on his own is staggering! But misinforming the uninformed appears to be the Democrats’ strategy to defend their Health Care Deform legislation.

In a nationally televised broadcast interview last Friday on CBS’s “The Early Show”, President Obama said “this country was going to go bankrupt” without forcing changes to the health care system. He believes it was “the right thing to do.”

The uninformed in this country believes it was the right thing to do because Obama said so. Some of us are not so gullible because we are aware of the gimmicky accounting and fuzzy assumptions that got them the projection they wanted from the Congressional Budget Office. Some of us are also aware of the 159 new boards and commissions created in the bill. Some of us are aware of the host of sneak-a-taxes in the bill, and the expansion of the powers of the Internal Revenue Service to become the Health Care Police.

Some of us are keenly aware that the ObamaCare legislation will ultimately lead to health care rationing similar to the systems in Canada, England, Germany and other European countries. But the Obama cheerleaders don’t care.

Some of us are also aware that the recently passed health care bill plus the tsunami federal spending, plus the unprecedented buildup of the national debt, plus Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid deficit spending are the real reasons we are heading toward a bankrupt America. There’s a deafening silence from the president and Congress about these issues because it does not advance their political agenda.

The uninformed have chosen to forget that the president said the unemployment rate would remain under 8 percent if his $787 billion so-called stimulus bill passed.

Well, it passed, and unemployment has been above 9 percent ever since.

The uninformed have chosen to forget that the president promised a new spirit of bi-partisanship in Washington, D.C. Although President Obama spent seven hours in front of TV cameras during his so-called health care summit trying to convince the public he was being bi-partisan, both Senate and House versions of the health care legislation and the final bill passed along party line votes, all Democrats!

Transparency was another campaign promise, but who cares? Some people would rather remain blind to the arm-twisting and deal-making that was done to buy enough votes for passage of this historic disaster to our economy, and the hijacking of our liberties and constitutional rights.

In interview after interview, the Democrats and the administration are sticking to their script of lofty advantages and misinformation. Senator Arlen Specter and Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius, were booed at a standing-room-only town hall meeting in Philadelphia last Saturday, trying to defend ObamaCare. They did not expect some informed people to show up with very clear and specific questions they could not answer.

Senator Specter even tried to tell the crowd that ObamaCare needed to be passed because 47 million people were uninsured. Someone yelled from the audience “that’s a lie”. Even the president has stopped using that misleading number.

Even though many large corporations have announced multi-million-dollar cost impacts of the new health care law of the land (for now!), President Obama says it’s too soon to judge the new health care law. Translation: The less people know about what’s in the new bill, the easier it will be for people to forget over time, and the easier it will be for the American people to get the shaft once again.

Alternate translation: Trust me!

Please do not hurt anyone as we all rush to get in line for ObamaCare. And there will be really, really long lines. It’s called rationing.