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October 11, 2010

It’s weird that these racist right-wing tea party wackos seem to like me so much

October 10, 2010
By Herman Cain 
  I am an American Black Conservative (ABC).

Since April 15, 2009 I have spoken at over 30 citizens’ movement events, which have included Tea Party rallies, prosperity conferences and other conservative gatherings. At those events I have yet to find the racists and extremists that the liberals continue to say exist. In fact, I and my message of “Take Back Our Government” have been enthusiastically received.

Not to be boastful, but to illustrate my point, last Saturday at the Virginia Tea Party convention of over 2,300 attendees, I received no less than five standing ovations during my 20-minute keynote address. Following my speech over 100 people waited patiently in line for an hour and a half to get my autograph and their picture taken with this ABC.

Many of those who waited shared their stories of being at a Tea Party event for the first time. Others talked about how they were inspired to keep working hard supporting the right candidates, and to believe that we can take our government back from the liberals.

I was particularly moved when one lady told me that she was so fearful about the future of this country for our children and grandchildren that she quit her job to be more active in the movement. She said her husband made enough money to take care of the family, so she could do more to help take care of the future.

Maybe the racists, Astroturf, un-American, teabagging and shameless extremists stayed home that day, or they simply do not exist in the citizens’ movement.

As Brent Bozell of the Media Research Center said recently, “Name-calling is all the Left has left.” He’s right! The liberals are befuddled as to how to stop this movement. I have bad news for liberals if they are listening. You can’t stop it, because it’s the awakened voice of “We the People”.

I continue to address this topic because the liberals and the mainstream media continue to try to demonize and demean the citizens’ movement with name-calling, degrading characterizations and scare tactics. Most recently, former Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean even said that those Tea Party people are scaring people with their radical and extremist views, and their support of extremist candidates.

You are right Mr. Dean. The citizens’ movement is scaring liberals and establishment candidates right out of office.

And as far as the Tea Party people and candidates they support being extreme, I suppose wanting fiscal discipline in Washington, wanting reduced regulations on the free-market system, passing laws that adhere to the Constitution of the USA and listening to the voting public must be what the liberals call extreme and scary.

The Obama Administration, Democrats and the mainstream media must not consider it extreme to go against the will of the majority of the voting public in passing health care and financial regulatory deform bills, to not read legislation before they vote on it, to spend this nation into bankruptcy and to not pass tax legislation before the current law expires at the end of 2010.

Tea Party people are not racists. They are not extremists. They are not right wing wackos. They are the true patriots in this country. If liberals want to see for themselves, they should just go and attend an event. They are everywhere, and they are not going to end on Election Day.

The liberals and the political elites are losing, and it is anticipated that they will lose big on November 2, 2010. That would be a big win for “We the People”.