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September 13, 2010

Liberal SIN tactics gone wild

September 12, 2010
By Herman Cain 

The Obama Administration and congressional Democrats have intensified their tactics of  trying to Shift attention away from their hugely unpopular legislative blunders. They’re Ignoring the fact that their economic policies and programs are not working. And they’re Name-calling their critics to try to minimize their anticipated losses in the November elections.

The liberals’ SIN tactics are not new, as I have written about them in previous commentaries. They have just turned up the volume.

To shift attention away from their not-so-proud legislative feats, the Democrats did not hold many town hall meetings during the congressional August recess. They did not want to get hammered by their constituents like they got hammered during the 2009 August recess. In fact, they did not even want to face their voters because, in 2009, the Democrats were trying to sell the unpopular health care deform legislation, and in 2010 they had voted it into law.

Add that massive legislative mistake to the out-of-control spending and failed economic policies of this administration, and it adds up to having nothing to boast about leading up to the November mid-term elections.

So with the help of an accommodating mainstream media, they shifted the focus to Middle East peace talks (which have been going on since Jimmy Carter was president), the New York Mosque controversy and the question of when President Obama is going to give his next hollow speech on creating jobs.
In a speech last week proposing another $50 billion in spending to stimulate the economy, the president tried to characterize congressional Republicans as the party of “no”, because they oppose wasting more money on ideas that simply have not worked. The president wants us to just ignore the fact that the $862 billion non-stimulus spending is not working, along with a list of failed pop tart programs such as cash for clunkers.

In an interview last week, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nevada) said he had nothing to do with this bad economy or the massive foreclosures in his home state of Nevada. Maybe he forgot that, as Majority Leader, he determines what gets voted on in the Senate, and that he encouraged his fellow Democrats to vote for the non-stimulus bill and the health care deform bill.

On top of failed policies and bad bills, the Democrats can’t stop the ever-growing Tea Party movement. I call it the citizen’s movement because there are many organizations active in this voter pushback against the arrogance and elitist attitude of this administration and Congress.

The liberals’ attempted name-calling intimidation has not worked in trying to discourage this massive voter outrage. Nancy Pelosi kicked off the name calling assault in 2009 calling us Astroturf, because we did not represent real grassroots people. I don’t think Nancy has ever been to a Tea Party rally. We will see if they are Astroturf in November.

When Harry Reid called us un-patriotic, it didn’t slow down the movement. Accusations of racism by the NAACP backfired. And even being called crazy by some Democrats did not work to discourage the growth of the movement to take back our government, because we are crazy about the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

And now the so-called Democrat strategists (The Hill News) have devised another name to describe the tea party people in an attempt to use fear to excite their base, and to discourage this unstoppable citizens’ movement.

Insurgent tea party people! Wow! That leaves me shaking in my boots. I am scared to death of those people. I am one of those people, and I am sick and tired of being called names, over-taxed, over-regulated, and overlooked when it comes to my constitutional liberties.

If that is how they define insurgent, then call me insurgent.