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July 25, 2010

Georgia shows: There is hope in the vote

July 25, 2010
By Herman Cain

The frustration and anger by conservatives about the direction of this country continue to grow. Even many moderates are starting to wake up to the failed policies and lack of leadership by the Obama Administration.

In the Georgia primary election last Tuesday, July 20, Republicans cast more ballots than Democrats for governor by a two-to-one margin. The other races on the ballot also showed that significantly more Republicans voted than Democrats, but the highest office on the ticket is a most telling sign about what could happen in November.

“Could happen” is the operative phrase, because Republicans could take back control of Congress if conservatives get out and vote the right way in November. The results in the recent Georgia primary are consistent with an on-going Gallup poll showing that conservatives outnumber liberals two-to-one. Moderates have a one-and-a-half head count advantage over liberals in the same poll.

I am not suggesting that Georgia is indicative of the entire country, but those results along with the Gallup poll provide a huge ray of hope for November.

The numbers are on our (conservatives) side, but we can’t stay home! We are the biggest danger to ourselves and the future of this country if we do not actively support good candidates, and encourage people to get out and vote in November.

I also encourage listeners and audiences to do three things if we are going to slow down the Obama-Reid-Pelosi socialism express in November 2010. Stay united. Stay informed. Stay inspired.

The recent accusation of racism by the NAACP toward the Tea Party movement was an attempt to divide and intimidate these citizen activists. The big government liberals also hoped the racism charge would discourage further criticism of the failed policies of this administration and Congress, as I discussed in my commentary last week. The accusation backfired because they had no credible proof of their claim.

Their baseless claim was highlighted by the baseless firing of a lady named Shirley Sherrod when then the NAACP, the White House and the Department of Agriculture had to backtrack and apologize after all of the facts were known. That incident diminished even further the credibility of the NAACP. This attempt to divide us did not work, but beware of future attempts, which start with name calling and false accusations.

Playing the racism card did not make people forget that the stimulus spending is not working and the economy is stalled. People are more informed than the Democrats think, because they think we are all stupid. Efforts by the White House to ignore Fox News did not work. Efforts to censor talk radio have not worked, because people can distinguish between facts and hate speech as the liberals claim.

Stay informed, because liberals love stupid people and they hate the facts.

And most importantly, stay inspired. Liberals want us to give up. They want us to believe that our votes do not count. They want us to believe that we can’t change control of congress, and that the United States of Europe is inevitable.

At dozens of rallies where I have spoken and proclaimed that “America is not going down that road” the reaction of the people has been enthusiastically the same. Not on our watch! The real change we want is coming in November.

The fight to take back our government is happening now. It is happening at Tea Party rallies, conferences, town hall meetings, in neighborhoods, get out the vote drives, on the Internet and support for conservative candidates all over this country.

This gives me great hope for our vote in November.