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December 27, 2009

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We really can have a better America in 2010

December 27, 2009
By Herman Cain

It is hard to imagine that we can have a better America in 2010 with all the things that got worse in 2009. The economy got worse. The unemployment rate got much worse. The war in Afghanistan got worse. The national debt got much worse. The annual deficit got worse. The general attitude of the American people got worse. The favorability of Congress got much worse. And the president’s favorability ratings got much worse.

Hey taxpayers, enjoy these Christmas lumps of coal from Congress

December 20, 2009
By Herman Cain

As members of Congress headed out of town for the Christmas recess, they left behind some gifts for the taxpayers: The House passed $155 billion jobs bill, a $1.1 trillion fiscal 2010 spending bill to fund operations of the federal government, and Senator Ben Nelson’s deciding 60th vote on the Senate’s health care bill.

Garbage in, garbage out: How climate scientists perpetrated their scam

December 12, 2009
By Herman Cain

My colleague Dan Calabrese summarized what happened:
The exposure of e-mails from the Climate Research Unit at the University of East Anglia demonstrate beyond a shadow of any doubt that – at the very least – global warmist climate researchers a) dumped data they didn’t want others to see; b) manipulated data to hide information that didn’t support their preconceived conclusions; c) didn’t know how to explain the lack of warming over the past decade; and d) conspired to attack their critics and prevent their work from being published.

Five steps Obama can take to kick-start job creation (plus a sixth he could never get passed, but hey)

December 6, 2009
By Herman Cain

Maybe someone can smuggle this commentary past the Secret Service, the White House staff and Rahm Emanuel to President Obama. Obviously, he did not read the commentary I wrote two months ago citing three suggestions on how to end the recession and create jobs.
Here are those suggestions, plus three more, none of which were even mentioned at the Jobs Summit. Once again, these are not original ideas. They are just common sense ideas that several people have suggested, but somehow they have not made it to the president’s ear.

The USA is not dead . . . yet

November 29, 2009
By Herman Cain

“The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated” was an expression popularized by Mark Twain after hearing that his obituary had been published in the New York Journal circa 1897.
A daily overdose of bad news about our economy, military casualties and bad legislation being rushed through Congress by the Democrats would make it easy for someone to be ready to pronounce the death of the United States.

Mr. President, your handlers set you up

November 20, 2009
By Herman Cain

Mr. President, I had hoped that I could wait at least to the end of your first full year in office to break this bad news to you, but your latest pronouncement had me screaming at my TV, so I knew I had to tell you now.

So we’re teabag extremists, eh, Mr. President?

November 15, 2009
By Herman Cain

In order to persuade some House Democrats who were undecided about voting for the Health Care Deform legislation (H.R. 3962) last week, President Obama resorted to name calling of those opposed to the legislation. As the New York Times reported on November 7:
According to Representative Earl Blumenauer of Oregon, who supports the health care bill, the president asked, “Does anybody think that the teabag, anti-government people are going to support them if they bring down health care? All it will do is confuse and dispirit” Democratic voters “and it will encourage the extremists.”

The people aren’t buying Obama’s economic propaganda

November 7, 2009
By Herman Cain

There’s an old saying about a glass being half empty or half full. The optimist will view it as half full, while the pessimist will say it is half empty.
But when the glass is nearly empty and it’s called “nearly full”, or a big success, that’s pure political propaganda. The danger with political propaganda is that it borders on just plain lies, exaggerations or intended deceptions.

Memo to Obama: Cars are not like pizzas

November 1, 2009
By Herman Cain

In my commentary last week I mistakenly referred to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth rates as quarterly for 2009, instead of “rolling four quarters” of negative growth rates of 1.9, 3.3 and 3.8 percent, respectively, which they were. My apologies for the error!

If this is an economic ‘jolt,’ then red is the new green

October 25, 2009
By Herman Cain

Christina Romer, the chairperson of President Obama’s Council of Economic Advisers, said Thursday that the $194 billion already spent from the $787 billion economic stimulus gave a jolt to the economy that contributed to growth in the second and third quarters of the year.

Why not let us read the bill, Congress? Oh right, educated slaves are nothing but trouble.

October 18, 2009
By Herman Cain

House Resolution 554 was introduced on June 17, 2009 by Congressman Brian Baird (D-Washington). It would require a 72-hour reading period for all non-emergency legislation before a vote by the House of Representatives. It is stuck in committee.

How to end the recession in 12 months, in case anyone is interested

October 10, 2009
By Herman Cain

Unemployment has hit 9.8 percent. New jobless claims grow each month. Federal spending is increasing exponentially, while current tax revenues are decreasing. The value of the dollar is in a nose dive.

Wishing doth not a recession end

October 4, 2009
By Herman Cain

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke has said that the recession is likely over. The Associated Press has interpreted the three-month decline of new jobless claims from June through August as an indicator of the economy getting better. Then oops! The new jobless claims in September went back up and unemployment hit 9.8 percent.

Your choice: Get off the couch or socialism

September 26, 2009
By Herman Cain

There’s an old saying that there are three kinds of people in the world. There are people who make things happen, people who watch things happen and people who ask what happened. The latter group will wake up in the not-too-distant future and ask what happen to the United States of America if they just sit there.

Baucus’s cheaper Trojan horse: A Trojan horse just the same

September 18, 2009
By Herman Cain

A cheaper Trojan horse is the “health care deform” bill unveiled last Wednesday by Senator Max Baucus. It makes the same promises that are made by the President and H.R. 3200, but with different body parts.

ObamaCare provision: Buy health insurance or face the wrath of the IRS

September 13, 2009
By Herman Cain

Last week when I first read Byron York’s article titled “Health care reform means more power for the IRS”, I felt like I was reading the script of a horror movie. I was in such disbelief that I spent hours looking for the specific section in H.R. 3200 that expanded the powers of the Internal Revenue Service.

Health Care Deform and Clunker Budgeting

September 7, 2009
By Herman Cain

"Cash for Clunkers under budget with 690,000 sales" was the headline of an Associated Press story published August 26, 2009. The clunkers program was originally approved for $1 billion. The amount was exhausted so fast that Congress increased it to $3 billion and now it is being declared “under budget” because only $2.88 billion was spent.

Shhhh! There’s a Republican Alternative to Democrat-Care; Don’t Let Anyone Know!

August 31, 2009
By Herman Cain

The Republican alternative to Democrat-care, which liberals don’t want you to know about, has been hijacked. They don’t want people to know about it because the Astroturf, un-American crazies might like it.

Liberals’ Health Care SIN

August 24, 2009
By Herman Cain

When Rep. Barney Frank (D-Massachusetts) was asked a question at a town hall meeting last week about runaway federal spending, he shifted the subject to the cost of the war in Iraq (that’s also a Blame Bush move). When a lady asked him about the Democrats’ health care proposal he asked the lady “On what planet do you spend most of your time?”

You Bet We’re Crazy

August 17, 2009
By Herman Cain

Since April 15, 2009, I have been a keynote speaker at no less than a dozen events called tea parties, rallies or town hall meetings. I have even done live broadcasts of my radio show from several of these events, some of which you can view at “The Best of Herman Cain”.
Regardless of what you call them, the sentiment being expressed by people in attendance is not Astroturf or manufactured emotions as described by Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. The people are not wackos, paid plants, extremists or any of the other names used by the Democrats and some in the media to try and marginalize, demean, discourage and intimidate “We the People”.

They Think We’re Stupid, But We Can Count

August 10, 2009
By Herman Cain

They think we’re stupid! The president and the Democrats wanted 256 million of us to feel guilty that 50 million Americans did not have health insurance in this country. That didn’t work because a closer look at the numbers revealed that the real number is around 10 million, who could be insured with less expensive and less disruptive solutions.

We Are Not Sheeple

August 3, 2009
By Herman Cain

The government is not my shepherd, and I shall not surrender my liberties.

Health Care Questions Obama Can’t Answer

July 27, 2009
By Herman Cain

During President Obama’s primetime press conference last Wednesday, he made the usual promises about Obamacare, which have no resemblance to what Congress is working on. The president continues to promise more choices, better health care, fewer costs and less government intervention. The “Health Care De-form” legislation working its way through Congress is just the opposite.

Obamacare: Medicare’s Ugly Twin Sister

July 20, 2009
By Herman Cain

While President Obama continues to give speeches that make health care reform sound like a beauty queen, the legislation moving through Congress resembles Medicare’s ugly twin sister.

Land of the Czars: Obama’s Unmanageable Executive Structure

July 13, 2009
By Herman Cain

There are now 34 presidential “czars” if we include the upcoming addition of an “insurance czar”. With the conflicts and confusion that are bound to happen between the czars and the cabinet heads, the president has added an additional management responsibility to his plate.

Barney Frank: Certified Elected Crook

July 6, 2009
By Herman Cain

While the mainstream media was saturated with coverage of celebrity deaths last week, the House of Representatives passed the Cap & Trade & Tax & Kill bill. The official name is the American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009, but there is absolutely nothing clean about it.

Why Does Congress Ignore the Public’s Wishes? Because They Don’t Care

June 29, 2009
By Herman Cain

Even though the congressional switchboard was shut down for a while last week due to calls from voters asking their representatives to vote no on the “American Clean Energy and Security Act (HR 2454)”, the House of Representatives narrowly passed it anyway.

What Conservatives Can Do

June 22, 2009
By Herman Cain

Last week my 10-year-old granddaughter gave me a card she made herself that had some hearts drawn on it with the simple message, “Pa Pa, thanks for being there for me.” Yes, it brought a big smile to my face.
That simple message immediately reminded me of three things: The two times I had no one to turn to except my dad – and he was there for me – and the very first time I saw my granddaughter’s face on the day she was born.

Five Traps That Trick Americans Into Accepting Socialized Medicine

June 15, 2009
By Herman Cain

There is no serious debate in Washington about health care, as Democrats make another attempt to confiscate control of our entire health care system. It’s a war of words even among Democrats, as each faction tries to fashion its own idea of how best to get the sheeple on the road to health care rationing.

Sheeple in a Bubble

June 8, 2009
By Herman Cain

Last week I shared with my radio audience two articles about our country’s decline. One was published by a Russian publication and the other was published by a Canadian publication. The headlines of both articles should have been a wake-up call to even the most liberal listeners...

Health Care Rhetoric vs. Facts

June 1, 2009
By Herman Cain

President Obama is pushing Congress to deliver health care legislation by the end of the year. A big problem with that is simply, what is it?

Our Heroes Didn’t Die to Preserve a Bankrupt Nation

May 25, 2009
By Herman Cain

In 2007, the political theater consisted of congressional hearings to grill the oil executives because gasoline prices were skyrocketing. Those hearings produced absolutely nothing.
In 2009, the hearings to nowhere have been targeted at the automobile company executives, which have not stopped the inevitable bankruptcies of Chrysler and General Motors. But the taxpayers got to spend billions of dollars (courtesy of our Democrat-controlled Congress) to delay the inevitable.

The Land of the Free Won’t Succumb to Socialism Without a Fight

May 18, 2009
By Herman Cain

I attended a gathering of 50 conservative organizations last week, a well as a statewide political party convention, and I took dozens of calls on my nightly radio show. There are a lot of people who are not feeling that this country is still the land of the free, as written in our national anthem.

Obama’s Intimidation Tax

May 11, 2009
By Herman Cain

Eight hundred more IRS agents, closing tax loopholes used by U.S. companies that make money in other countries, and calling businesses “tax cheats” for using the messed up tax code as it is written, is going to inspire lots of multinational companies to create more jobs here in the USA.

Obama and the Beginning of Voters’ Regret

May 4, 2009
By Herman Cain

It did not take 100 days of the new administration for some people to have second thoughts about having voted for President Obama. Most Democratic voters will never admit it. Most Republican voters will be quick to say “I told you so”, while some independent voters are feeling disappointed again.

Obama is Not in Control

April 27, 2009
By Herman Cain

It did not take 100 days for some of us to recognize that President Obama is not in control of the legislative agenda. Nor did it take 100 days to see that he is being advised to micro-manage the biggest nation on the planet, the United States of America.

Tea Parties: Tax Day Anger Becomes Everyday Anger

April 20, 2009
By Herman Cain

The Obama Administration, the Democrats in Congress, the mainstream media and the flaming liberal media are attempting to downplay the organized anger expressed by hundreds of thousands of people on April 15 at Tax Day Tea Parties across the country.

Seven Ways to Make Health Care in America Better

April 13, 2009
By Herman Cain

My most recent column highlighted the massive ignorance about the U.S. health care system. Too many people want to fix the leaks in our health care roof by blowing up the building. Here’s a novel idea, let’s just fix the leaks in the roof, and here are seven solutions by Sally Pipes of the Pacific Research Institute.

Health Care Ignorance

April 6, 2009
By Herman Cain

Each night last week on my three-hour radio talk show I featured a discussion on “Unraveling the Lies about Health Care”. Much of the material was based on a recently published book by CEO Sally Pipes of the Pacific Research Institute. She was my guest one of the nights to give a first-hand perspective on The Top Ten Myths about American Health Care, which is the title of her book.

Conservatives, Don’t Just Sit There!

March 30, 2009
By Herman Cain

More government, more taxes and less individual responsibility is called liberal. And this is 100 percent inconsistent with the Constitution.

The Real Headlines While You Were Watching the AIG Bonus Sideshow

March 23, 2009
By Herman Cain

While you were watching the AIG Bonuses Melodrama, you missed some more important headlines that should have been aired in the media. We were all victims of congressional theatrics and media frenzy at its best.

With America at a Crossroads, Duty Falls to the Defending Fathers

March 16, 2009
By Herman Cain

This nation is at a critical crossroad in its history with new and different challenges to those founding ideals – an economic recession, creeping socialism, heightened class warfare and national security threats at home and abroad.

Mathematically Assured Depression

March 9, 2009
By Herman Cain

Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD) was a doctrine of the Cold War (1950s to 1990s) in which MAD was seen as helping to prevent any direct full-scale nuclear conflict between the United States and the Soviet Union. In other words, it was a lose-lose scenario for both countries if either one attacked first.

Worse Than Expected

March 2, 2009
By Herman Cain

The U.S. Commerce Department announced on Friday that the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) decreased at an annual rate of 6.2 percent in the fourth quarter of 2008, which was worse than the minus-3.8 percent preliminary estimate.

A National Bad Attitude

February 23, 2009
By Herman Cain

Consistent bad news will eventually lead to a bad attitude, and a bad attitude leads to failure. Just ask any high achiever in business, sports or any endeavor of life.

The Obama-Pelosi-Reid ‘Stimulus’: A Victory for Socialism

February 16, 2009
By Herman Cain

Despite an avalanche of objections from the public, the so-called “Economic Stimulus Bill” has passed Congress and President Obama will sign it into law. The result is bigger government and a smaller economy.

Card Check Lies

February 9, 2009
By Herman Cain

When someone takes the time to actually read the proposed "Card Check" legislation (H.R. 800), and cut through the intentionally confusing legalese, you will discover that many of the proponents of this legislation have lied. Review the following side-by-side comparison of the rules for unionizing a workplace now versus what the rules would look like if the legislation passes, and you make the call.

It’s the Political Stimulus

February 2, 2009
By Herman Cain

This extended celebration of President Obama’s official move into the White House, plus the current economic crisis, has given the Democrats in Congress a convenient cover to try to steamroll their long-awaited list of socialist policies and pet pork projects into law. In the process, we the people get the shaft again.

Obama: Right Inspirational Style, Wrong Signals

January 26, 2009
By Herman Cain

When we get past the historical significance of President Obama’s political victory, and we get past the rightly deserved celebrations, there are some themes spoken by now-President Obama that are beginning to cause me great concern for the future of our country.

Who Cares About $350 Billion?

January 19, 2009
By Herman Cain

An awful lot is going on that can distract our attention from the fact that the federal government is about to allocate $350 billion that may accomplish nothing whatsoever.

Congressman Louis Gohmert’s Tax Holiday Lost in Chaos

January 12, 2009
By Herman Cain

A great economic stimulus proposal by Rep. Louie Gohmert of Texas has gotten lost in the midst of bailout mania, spending madness, political scandals and the media’s pom-pom parade for President-elect Barack Obama.

The Intelligent Thinkers Movement: A New Year’s Revolution

January 5, 2009
By Herman Cain

Let’s be clear! This revolution is not about bombs and bullets. It is about computer bits and brains – a technologically empowered citizen’s movement to take back our government.

Obama’s Big Mistake: ‘Deficits Don’t Matter’

December 29, 2008
By Herman Cain

President-elect Barack Obama has made a big mistake that, as usual, the mainstream media has given him a pass on by not making a big deal about it.

‘Employee Free Choice Act’ May Be Unconstitutional, But Dems Will Try Anyway

December 22, 2008
By Herman Cain

OK! I said last week I would try to find some holiday cheer for this week, after sharing with you the depressing discovery that the union payoff legislation, or “Employee Free Choice Act,” from the Democrats in Congress would eliminate secret ballots and a vote altogether.

No Holiday Cheer, Just ‘Card Check’ Fear

December 15, 2008
By Herman Cain

I cannot stop thinking about what might happen after the holidays. President-elect Obama will be sworn in, and we will have a new Congress with a larger majority of Democrats in both chambers of Congress.

Recession Started in 2007? Only If You Redefine Recession

December 8, 2008
By Herman Cain

The mental midgets at the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) want you to believe the recession did start a year ago. They arrived at this breaking news conclusion by ignoring the definition of a recession accepted by most respectable economists and business people.

Insanity Alert: Democrats Look to Bring Death Tax Back to Life

December 1, 2008
By Herman Cain

While some people are still gushing over the victory of President-elect Barack Obama, and others are now grumbling about his early cabinet announcements, fiscal hawks are focused on the volatility of the stock market and the attempts to unthaw the frozen credit and cash-flow markets.

Employee Free Choice? Fairness Doctrine? Most Absurd Names Ever

November 24, 2008
By Herman Cain

The “Employee Free Choice Act” is an insult to anyone with an IQ greater than zero. Let me get this straight: Take away a worker’s right to cast a secret ballot for labor union elections and that’s free choice. That’s just plain stupid, which is also what the Democratic leaders in Congress think of the voters who elected them.

Harry and Nancy Have Me Politically Nervous

November 17, 2008
By Herman Cain

While many people are anxiously awaiting the inauguration of President-elect Barack Obama, and the mainstream media are feverishly trying to anticipate his Cabinet appointments before they are announced, I am politically nervous.

If I Were CEO of the GOP (Not That They Listen to Me, Because They Had Their Chance)

November 10, 2008
By Herman Cain

It is frustrating and pathetic to watch the mainstream media and some Republicans try to explain John McCain’s loss for the presidency. Even worse, some McCain staffers are reportedly trying to blame the choice of Governor Sarah Palin as the reason for their loss, so they can position themselves for their next campaign job.

The Fragile Economy and the New President’s Best Move

November 3, 2008
By Herman Cain

The new president can either shorten or prolong our newly entered recession. Yes, we are in a recession both mentally and technically.

When the Market Needed Unprecedented Steps, America Had the Biggest Shoes

October 27, 2008
By Herman Cain

When the financial crisis started in the United States, it affected the entire global financial system. That’s the bad news.

Far from Nationalization, Purchase of Bank Stocks Is a Win-Win for Taxpayers

October 20, 2008
By Herman Cain

Earth to taxpayers! Owning stocks in banks is not nationalization of the banking industry. It's trying to solve a problem.

Ten Reasons the Stock Market Plunged

October 13, 2008
By Herman Cain

As usual the mainstream media has done a great job of sensationalizing the dramatic drop in the stock market over the last two weeks. As usual, they have done a poor job of reporting many of the reasons it is happening.

Taxpayers Robbed Again, and It Won't Be the Last Time (Watch Social Security)

October 6, 2008
By Herman Cain

There is an old saying that if you like sausage, you may not want to see how it is made or what's in it. That's true of the national financial crisis "bailout" bill passed by Congress last week.

Don't Celebrate Yet: Many Problems Remain Even With the 'Deal'

September 29, 2008
By Herman Cain

Before the cheers go up for a so-called "Deal reached for Wall Street Bailout" as reported by several sources, here are some sobering reminders.

Wall Street and the Disastrous Main Street Ripple Effect That Could Have Been

September 22, 2008
By Herman Cain

The nation’s financial system has a severe migraine headache. We can take our $700 billion in aspirin now, or wait for a $700 trillion surgery if the economy tanks.

The Media's Attempt to Use Your Brain As a Garbage Dump

September 15, 2008
By Herman Cain

The Media Research Center has quantified, documented and exposed media bias for its 20 years of existence. But media bias has a new dimension – media garbage, which is false information or unsubstantiated rumors.

Fearing the Facts, Democrats Bash

September 8, 2008
By Herman Cain

We are very familiar with the Democrats' consistent strategy of bashing anything and anybody that has a hint of being conservative, traditional or logical in their thinking. Bush bashing, economy bashing, Republican bashing, war bashing, Cheney bashing, McCain bashing and the latest addition to the Democrats' bashing songbook, Palin bashing.

Economic Growth Surges, but Democrats Ignore the Truth Again

September 1, 2008
By Herman Cain

While the Democrats had their week of unchallenged propaganda about their party - how perfect it is and how terrible the Republicans are - the latest good news about the economy and the average adjusted gross income went unnoticed.

Counting Houses . . . and Adding Up the Real Elitists

August 25, 2008
By Herman Cain

If not knowing how many houses your family owns is being an elitist, then the amount of attention John McCain got from the media over this memory lapse is bull-feathers. This is just another chapter in the mainstream media's class-warfare playbook.

Worst Election Outcome Would Be More Power for Pelosi and Reid

August 18, 2008
By Herman Cain

On November 5, 2008 nearly half of the voting public will be disappointed that their presidential nominee did not win. If history and the most recent presidential elections are any indication, the November presidential election will be another very close election.

Reid, Pelosi and the Abuse of Power

August 11, 2008
By Herman Cain

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi are the two most powerful Democrats in Congress and our nation.

America is On Sale

July 21, 2008
By Herman Cain

There is a crisis that no one is talking about. It's not the energy dependence crisis, the spending crisis in our federal government, the imaginary-though-fragile economic crisis nor the mainstream media's it's-not-a-crisis-but-we-are-going-to-make-it-look-like-one banking crisis.

Phil Gramm is Right: Americans Whine in Tune with Democratic Songbook

July 14, 2008
By Herman Cain

Former Senator Phil Gramm got it right. Most of our economic woes are a figment of our whiny imaginations.

Will the Fourth of July Become Dependence Day?

July 7, 2008
By Herman Cain

The founding fathers of this country had a passion to be independent of the persistent tyranny and irresponsibility of the then-king of England, George III. They even delineated many of his abuses toward the American colonies in our nation's most landmark document, the Declaration of Independence.

The People Cry Out for Domestic Oil Drilling, But Democrats are Deaf

June 30, 2008
By Herman Cain

A recent Consumer Reports survey as reported on the Fox News Channel indicated that 77 percent of Americans blame Congress for our oil price crisis. This implies that the Democrats' attempt to shift the blame to oil executives, OPEC and oil speculators did not work.

The Haves and the Have-Nots (Of a Clue)

June 23, 2008
By Herman Cain

America is divided between the haves and the have-nots. In this case, I am referring to those who have a clue as to what's really happening to America, and those that have not a clue. The latter group is certainly not stupid, because as some people have observed, you can't fix stupid. They are just severely uninformed and misinformed.

Save $2 Per Gallon!

June 16, 2008
By Herman Cain

Now that I have your attention, here's how.

With Obama's Success, Fairness Moves to the Front of the Bus

June 9, 2008
By Herman Cain

Barack Obama's victory in the contest for the Democratic presidential nomination was not just historic because of the color of his skin. It was a historic victory for fairness in America. As imperfect as our political system can be at times, fairness moved to the front of the bus.

Lieberman-Warner: The Carbon Emissions Police Are Coming

June 2, 2008
By Herman Cain

In my column last week, I informed those who were not aware of how the Democratic leaders in the United States Senate had systematically and consistently blocked legislation (S.2958) that would have allowed oil exploration and drilling right here at the home of the brave.

Oil Abounds in America, but Democrats Vote to Keep It In the Ground

May 26, 2008
By Herman Cain

The Democrats in Congress have gone beyond ignoring real solutions to the pain at the gasoline pump and other critical problems. They are ignoring the people altogether in order to gain more political power.

America Needs to Move Forward, but Congress Has the Car in Neutral

May 19, 2008
By Herman Cain

Another attitudinal poll was just published by National Public Radio (May 15, 2008), indicating that "80 percent of likely voters surveyed said the U.S. is headed in the wrong direction." Real Clear Politics has even tracked these "wrong direction or right direction" polls for years, but no one explains how these same geniuses surveyed would define the right direction.

Why Don't I Blame George W. Bush? Because the Blame Game Has No Winners

May 12, 2008
By Herman Cain

A caller to my nightly radio show last week called to complain that I was not blaming President George W. Bush enough for the current gasoline crisis due to out-of-control oil prices on the world market.

Substance is Beef, But the Mainstream Media Gives Us Weak Vegetable Soup

May 5, 2008
By Herman Cain

A good country style vegetable soup has lots of fresh vegetables, a thick beef broth and plenty of beef chunks. It's a meal in a bowl.

Obama's Tax 'Simplification': Say Hello to Instant Audits

April 28, 2008
By Herman Cain

"Barack Obama will dramatically simplify tax fillings so that millions of Americans will be able to do their taxes in five minutes."
It's not the FairTax. It's not the Flat Tax. It's the Obama Tax.

The Democrats' Lies about the Economy

April 21, 2008
By Herman Cain

Last week John McCain revealed some of his ideas about taxation to help sustain the economic expansion of the last six years if he is elected president.

Tax Day Arrives; National Tax Insanity Continues

April 14, 2008
By Herman Cain

According to the Tax Foundation, tax freedom day is April 23 this year. That means it takes that long into the New Year for the average worker to earn enough money to pay his or her total tax bill for the year.

Congratulations Negative Thinkers; Now What?

April 7, 2008
By Herman Cain

"Workers' pink slips stacked ever higher in March as jittery employers slashed 80,000 jobs, the most in five years, and the national unemployment rate climbed to 5.1 percent." - Jeannine Aversa, Associated Press, April 5, 2008.
The mainstream media, Democratic leaders in Congress, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, and negative economic elites have talked employers into an "employment recession". More than nine months of recession obsession has caused jittery employers to slash 230,000 jobs in the first three months of 2008.

The Coming Tsunami of a Bankrupt America (And How to Prevent It)

March 31, 2008
By Herman Cain

The former comptroller general of the United States, David Walker, said in a recent interview that the unfunded liability for Social Security and Medicare was $20 trillion in 1990. The Social Security and Medicare trustees issued their annual report last week indicating that the unfunded liability for those two programs is now $53 trillion.

TV Stars Paul and Pamela Pitiful Are Not the Real America

March 24, 2008
By Herman Cain

The proliferation of TV news and entertainment has distorted the true images of the people that have made and are making the United States of America great. A seemingly endless 2008 presidential campaign nomination process has battered most people with a constant rapid fire of sound bites of the day, when normal people are just trying to make it from day to day.

Wall Street Journal Dead Wrong About Barack Obama

March 17, 2008
By Herman Cain

The only thing new about the presidential campaign's latest "race card" episode, which was triggered by former vice presidential candidate Geraldine Ferraro, is that the Wall Street Journal's March 13 editorial analysis of her comment was dead wrong. It started with the opening sentence:
Is it just us, or does Barack Obama seem a mite too quick to play the race card when facing criticism from political opponents?

Energy Independence: Brazil's Best Kept Secret

March 10, 2008
By Herman Cain

Last week I had the opportunity to experience some of the customs of the Brazilian people, and to learn first-hand some of the similarities and differences between Brazil and the United States. The customs and similarities were not surprising, and often quite enjoyable, but one big difference really took me by surprise – namely, Brazil's energy independence.

Get a Grip, Media: Recession Obsession is Dangerous

March 3, 2008
By Herman Cain

When the media do not have a sensational story, they sensationalize what they have. This is not only poor journalism, it is dangerous to the collective attitude of the public, because a negative attitude can too easily become a self-fulfilling prophesy.

Hillary Clinton's Economic Solution: The New F-Word

February 25, 2008
By Herman Cain

When you peel back the populist rhetoric during last Thursday's Democratic presidential primary debate between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, you find the frightening reality of how they believe they can solve people's health care and mortgage crisis problems. It's the use of force.

Wow! Barack Obama is African-American? Let's Be Honest About Race

February 18, 2008
By Herman Cain

A few weeks ago, I heard Dick Morris, former advisor to Bill and Hillary Clinton, say in an interview that if Hillary falls behind Barack Obama in the Democratic presidential primary elections, then Hillary's campaign would play the "race card". Not directly, but through her surrogates.

Made-for-TV Recession: Economic Pity Party Continues

February 11, 2008
By Herman Cain

Now that Mitt Romney has gracefully ended Act One of the drama in the Republican presidential primary by suspending his campaign, and since the only real drama in the Democratic presidential race is whether it will be the first female nominee or the first African-American nominee, some of the media elites have already returned to their next favorite theme of "A Recession is Coming."

Why I Support Mitt Romney: Leadership Substance

February 4, 2008
By Herman Cain

The dynamics of political party connections, the political process itself and public perceptions have once again yielded the top two contenders of each major party in the 2008 presidential race. And once again, the public can only hope that the ultimate winner of the White House will be a candidate with the most leadership substance.

Hillary Clinton Brilliant? New York Times, Cut the Crap!

January 28, 2008
By Herman Cain

If someone is going to vote for Hillary Clinton because she is a woman, then so be it. If someone is going to vote for Barack Obama because he is black, then so be it. But for the New York Times to endorse Hillary Clinton because they consider her "brilliant", and in possession of "powerful intellect," is a real fairy tale.
Give me a break, please!

Recession? Spare Us the National Economic Pity Party

January 21, 2008
By Herman Cain

If "The Economy" were a movie, the movie critics would conclude that "we have seen this movie before". With exaggerated fears of an immediate recession being proclaimed by the media, the players are the same, the movie plots are the same, the lines are the same, the chase scene near the end will be the same, and unfortunately, the end of the movie will be the same.

Presidential Campaign Inspires a Big 'I Told You So'

January 14, 2008
By Herman Cain

Now that the presidential derby is about half over, and Super Tuesday for primary voting is three weeks away, it is instructive to review what I shared with interested readers on May 21, 2007, about the presidential race. Not because "I told you so" makes me feel good, but because I hope more people will be informed voters on Super Tuesday instead of stupid voters.

Huckabee Win Sweet Revenge for FairTax Short-Busers

January 07, 2008
By Herman Cain

Immediately after the Iowa Straw Poll last August, the noted and respected journalist George Will referred to the FairTax believers who supported Mike Huckabee as "those FairTax people". He made it sound as if the people who helped Mike Huckabee finish an unexpected second place among Republican presidential contenders had just gotten off the "short bus". You know, those special needs people who don't get to ride with the political elites.

A Feast of Hermanator Hits for 2007

December 31, 2007
By Herman Cain

Since Top 10 lists are in for end-of-year news reporting, you may as well be subjected to the Hermanator's Top 10 Plus 10 opinion delicacies of 2007. Maybe you were on vacation that week and missed a literary gem, in which case you can find the full text at

You Might Be a Liberal, But the Hermanator is Here to Help

December 24, 2007
By Herman Cain

"Merry Christmas" is an expression of hope that someone will receive the blessings of Christ, and enjoy the celebrations of His birth. It is not a provocation or an attempt to antagonize someone who may not believe in Christ, which someone told me recently as to why they would prefer "Happy Holidays." Not knowing this person very well, I thought to myself that they might be a liberal and didn't know it.

The Presidential Candidates Who Stole Christmas

December 17, 2007
By Herman Cain

Last week on the presidential campaign trail, Hillary Clinton apologized to Barack Obama for a comment made by a senior staffer about Obama's teenage drug use. Mike Huckabee apologized to Mitt Romney for a remark made about the Mormon faith. And Fred Thompson apologized (sarcastically) to Mike Huckabee for bringing attention to his past record.

Media Can't Explain the Faiths of Romney and Huckabee

December 10, 2007
By Herman Cain

The more reporters and political pundits write about Mitt Romney's faith and Mike Huckabee's faith, the more confused people are about the First Amendment to the Constitution, because many people have not read it or do not understand it. It says "freedom of religion." It does not say "freedom from religion."

Will Democrats Ever Stop Whining?

December 03, 2007
By Herman Cain

Even before the November 2006 congressional elections, Democratic leaders were calling for a "new direction" on the war in Iraq, the economy, energy and anything else suitable for their pandering politics without offering any constructive suggestions. That's called whining.

Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas, You Constitutional Quacks

November 26, 2007
By Herman Cain

Now that the 2007 end-of-year holiday season is officially underway, I want to offer some heart-felt politically insensitive expressions of happiness and well wishes. Happy Thanksgiving, Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Stop Measuring Those Drapes, Hillary

November 19, 2007
By Herman Cain

If you listen to the tone of the liberal media establishments and the die-hard Democrats, Sen. Hillary Clinton should order her drapes for the Oval Office. Not so fast! There are some compelling opportunities for Republicans to turn her dream into a nightmare.

If It's Good for the American People, Democrats Are Against It

November 12, 2007
By Herman Cain

I know I am not the only person who sees the blatant strategy of the Democratic leaders in Congress, which is to continue to ignore the best interests of the American people for the sake of political power. They refuse to acknowledge anything that goes right, or pass any legislation that might suggest that President Bush is doing something right.

Hillary Clinton Makes No Sense

November 05, 2007
By Herman Cain

When asked during the October 30, 2007 Democratic presidential debate whether she supported Governor Elliot Spitzer's proposal to provide driver's licenses to illegal immigrants, Hillary Clinton said, "It makes a lot of sense, but I did not say it should be done."

Mitt Romney is a Mormon and I am a Baptist: Get Over It!

October 29, 2007
By Herman Cain

The Baptists, Methodists, Catholics, Lutherans, Pentecostals, Mormons and a few other faiths have three things in common – they believe in Jesus Christ, that He is the Son of God and that He died and was resurrected for our sins.
So what's the problem?

Paid Family Leave: Hillary's Panderfest Continues

October 22, 2007
By Herman Cain

If you read my October 15, 2007 column, you can simply replace "America's Retirement Accounts" with "Paid Family Leave" to describe Hillary's next step in her march toward socialism. Rather than repeat how this idea is also counter to the founding principles of our country, and how she ignores other serious problems, let's examine the consistency of her political pandering strategy.

This Week's Hillary Giveaway: 'American (Socialist) Retirement Accounts'

October 10, 2007
By Herman Cain

Less than a month after Hillary Clinton proposed giving every child born in the United States a $5,000 gift, she told a crowd in Iowa last week that she now wants to give families $1,000 in annual matching funds into a 401(k) retirement account. Of course, all of this giveaway money would come from the government after she confiscates more money from the evil rich.

Believe Hillary's Promises? You Can't Fix Stupid

October 8, 2007
By Herman Cain

I do not know the origin of the phrase "You can't fix stupid", but it is a fitting description for the millions of people who seem to never question the unrealistic and unfunded implications of anything Hillary Clinton and other Democratic leaders say.

In Attack on Bill O'Reilly, CNN Plays the Race Card

October 1, 2007
By Herman Cain

There are a lot of things that move race relations forward in this country that most people never hear about, but there seems to be more things that move race relations backward due to "race-colored" glasses, an abundance of negative racial stereotypes in entertainment, making condescending remarks and taking comments out of context to attack someone.

SCHIP Debate Shows Democrats Are Winning the War of Words

September 24, 2007
By Herman Cain

With the ongoing help of the "mainstream media," the Democrats continue to win the war of words. They stick to their talking points like glue on a rug.

Hillary Health Care Would Raise Costs; Even She Has No Idea How Much

September 17, 2007
By Herman Cain

As we brace ourselves for the soon-to-be-announced Hillary Care Two, we should also prepare ourselves for factual abuse, misuse and omissions.
Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Hillary Clinton has announced that she is going to announce the details of her proposed universal health care plan.

Liberals Gone Wild: The Government Big Enough to Give You Everything

September 10, 2007
By Herman Cain

Michael Bloomberg wants to subsidize deadbeat dads, John Edwards wants to subsidize people's savings accounts and an unidentified group of liberals in Congress want to give every child born in this country a free savings account, according to a pair of Atlanta Journal-Constitution editorial page articles by Jim Wooten and Rourke O'Brien, respectively, on September 4, 2007.

Vacation for Congress: Why Stop With Labor Day?

September 3, 2007
By Herman Cain

In observance of the Labor Day holiday, let's pay Congress to stay on vacation for another year.

When Picking a President, Remember: Leadership is W.A.R.

August 27, 2007
By Herman Cain

Our nation is at war against Islamic fascists who want to destroy us. Our military is fighting this war in Iraq and Afghanistan. Our intelligence agencies are fighting this war throughout the world. The Democratic and Republican parties are at war over political power and control in Congress. The public has to fight to be heard by its government. Our free market economy is fighting to stay free.

A Tax Break for Driving to Work? The Fair Tax Will Fix This

August 20, 2007
By Herman Cain

There is a little-known deduction in the tax code that 400,000 people know about, and by which they avoid $150 million dollars in taxes each year. The issue is not that most of us do not know about this little sneak-a-tax, or even the amount that the rest of us are picking up through a higher federal deficit.

Rosy Picture of Canadian Health Care Obscures the Truth

August 13, 2007
By Herman Cain

"For, as we all know, our neighbors to the north are facing a terrible crisis. A crisis of - gasp! - universal health care, which brings with it such horrors as a longer lifespan than Americans enjoy, and the comfort of knowing that if you are diagnosed with cancer or need emergency medical attention, you will not spend the rest of your life wading in debt. No, we must hold on tight to our American ideals, lest we experience the fate of Canadians!" (Children's Health Insurance Bill a Far Cry from Socialist Medicine by Jessica Vozel, August 6, 2007. A fellow opinion writer with North Star Writers Group.)

$60 Billion for Children's Health Care? Democrats Say 'So What?'

August 06, 2007
By Herman Cain

If emotions were gasoline we would not have a crisis of dependency on foreign oil. Democrats use emotions to drive public opinion like people use gasoline in cars. The big difference is that people have to buy gasoline at the pump with their hard-earned money. Democrats just find more creative ways to raise taxes and take people's money.

Democratic Debate: See No Jihad, Speak No Jihad

July 30, 2007
By Herman Cain

The unconventional method of asking questions in the so-called Democratic presidential debate a week ago produced the same conventional responses by the presidential hopefuls. We must end "Bush's" war in Iraq immediately. President Bush and the Republicans in Congress are to blame for all of the nation's problems. And more government is the answer to everything.

Michael Vick Enters the Dangerous Court of Public Opinion

July 23, 2007
By Herman Cain

The federal indictment of Michael Vick, star quarterback of the Atlanta Falcons football team, revealed once again the inherent danger in the court of public opinion. I am not asserting Vick's guilt or innocence, but even though the indictment says that enough evidence has been found to go to court for a trial, many people in the court of public opinion have already pronounced him guilty without a trial.

Back to Terrorism Reality: Islamic Fascists are the Enemy

July 9, 2007
By Herman Cain

Now that the 2007 Independence Day fireworks and barbeque celebrations are over, let's get back to the chilling reality of the threat of Islamic fascism to our national security. I apologize for killing the mood of the party so abruptly, but terrorists don't take holidays.

Democrats' Pathetic Political Pandering

July 2, 2007
By Herman Cain

The Democratic Party's political propaganda was flying high last week at a presidential candidate's forum held at Howard University. Promising universal health care for all Americans was not new from the presidential hopefuls, but now candidate John Edwards believes that if the government spends enough money, we can find a cure for AIDS.

Michael Bloomberg Sounds the Trumpet for the Politically Homeless

June 25, 2007
By Herman Cain

Mayor Michael Bloomberg's highly publicized formal divorce from the Republican Party is not the big story. Speculation by the major media outlets that his move is a precursor to running for president as an independent candidate is also not the big story. The big story behind this high-profile declaration is the ever increasing number of people who feel politically homeless.

Political Class Tells Working Class: Here's Your Immigration Bill

June 18, 2007
By Herman Cain

President Bush's latest attempt to salvage the Immigration Bill has made it crystal clear that there is indeed a political class of those we elect, who blatantly ignore the wishes of the electorate. Despite the overwhelming outcry against the bill in its present form, the president and many members of Congress seem determined to pass a collection of glued-together agendas, which are far from being a comprehensive solution.

Immigration Bill: Lots of Bad Ideas, and No Fence

June 11, 2007
By Herman Cain

The Comprehensive Immigration Bill debated in the Senate last week was dead on arrival because of too many competing agendas. Liberals wanted to keep illegal families together, conservatives passionately rejected amnesty, some businesses wanted more low-skill workers, other businesses wanted more skilled workers with a new temporary workers program for legal immigrants – and most regular folks kept screaming, "Where's the fence?"

Paris Hilton is Only the Leader: Spoiled Brats are Everywhere

June 4, 2007
By Herman Cain

There are many people who care about the ongoing saga of Paris Hilton going to jail. I do not. She is simply a spoiled rich brat who has never taken responsibility for anything in her life. But I do care about the millions of people who are spoiled by the privileges of this country, and those who overestimate the ability of government to allow them to continue to abdicate their personal responsibility. These brats are ruining this country.

Memorial Day: Dishonoring the Sacrifices

May 28, 2007
By Herman Cain

Memorial Day is supposed to be a time to remember and honor those who have given their lives for this nation and its founding principles of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. It is also a welcome break from the constant political theater in Congress disguised as public policy, which dishonors our military heroes and heroines.

Will Lazy Voters Give Us the American Idol Presidential Race?

May 21, 2007
By Herman Cain

The presidential race and the hugely successful "American Idol" TV program have two things in common. First, the competition is as much about popularity as it is about ability. Secondly, when lazy people don't vote, popularity will win out over ability.

France Moves Forward, Democrats Move Backward

May 14, 2007
By Herman Cain

The newly elected president of France, Nicolas Sarkozy, has pledged to stimulate France's economy by cutting taxes, reducing the size of the government bureaucracy, free businesses from rigid anti-growth restrictions and keep immigration in check. French voters signaled that they are tired of unsuccessful socialist policies that have caused France to become one of the weakest countries in Europe.

The FairTax: Don't Tell the CEO

May 7, 2007
By Herman Cain

The one thing members of Congress and corporate CEO's have in common is that they have to rely on key staff people to keep them knowledgeable about a lot of issues, and to help them set priorities. But sometimes the staffers will go so far as to determine if something is a priority or not, based on their view of the likelihood of congressional passage, or the likelihood of generating a large constituency response.

Democrats' Priority is Power, And You'll Believe Anything

April 30, 2007
By Herman Cain

No victory in anything has ever been achieved by declaring defeat first. No war, no business endeavor, no athletic competition, no personal achievement, nothing. Therefore, the Democrats' attempt to send the terrorists a media-gram of when we will withdraw from Iraq makes no sense, except to claim a political victory at the expense of national security.

At Least Don Imus Didn't Call Black Republicans 'Moronic'

April 23, 2007
By Herman Cain

Don Imus's slip of the lip created a media and racial outrage. He immediately acknowledged his mistake and apologized in person to the Rutgers women basketball team members. They accepted his apology with dignity and class.

Fred Thompson's Revelation: Cancer Is Not a Death Sentence

April 16, 2007
By Herman Cain

Former Senator Fred Thompson's recent disclosure that he has a form of cancer called lymphoma has people wondering if he should still run for president. The answer is yes for at least three reasons: 1) His cancer is non aggressive and has been in remission for over two years; 2) He could be the next leader we need for this country; and 3) Cancer is not a death sentence.

America is Beautiful

April 9, 2007
By Herman Cain

Spring is a refreshing time of the year when most of us know how to enjoy the beauty of Mother Nature and her splendor. It is also a good time to remind people of the beauty of this great nation, the United States of America, despite those who work so hard to paint America as ugly.

April's Fools: One Born Every Minute

April 02, 2007
By Herman Cain

An old and popular English proverb cautions us that a fool and his money are soon parted. Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus (D-MT) is taking us all for fools with some of his recent statements and votes.

Universal Choice Can Fix the Health Care Roof

March 26, 2007
By Herman Cain

A simple change in the antiquated tax code would create an avalanche of universal choice in health care, instead of current proposals that produce universal dependence on government. Namely, the U.S. should eliminate the deductibility discrimination between employers and employees for health insurance premiums.

Presidential Baggage Check

March 19, 2007
By Herman Cain

A topic of conversation at nearly every event I have attended since the presidential rat race began is each political party's presidential candidates. Invariably, whenever someone mentions one of the current front runners in either party, someone else in the gathering objects because of that particular candidate's alleged baggage. Every candidate in the field has baggage in their political or personal past that offends someone else. There are no perfect candidates running for president on either side of the political spectrum. It's unfortunate, but it is reality.

It's Not About Health Care

March 12, 2007
By Herman Cain

The caretakers of our three constitutional branches, plus their respective bureaucracies, go to great trouble to convince voters that this time they have stumbled upon the perfect government-mandated solutions for all our maladies. If a majority of us non-elites in the far flung hinterlands would just trust them this time, then wow, life in these United States would be nothing but a cornucopia of bliss.

Creative Rhetoric Masks Fiscal Reality

March 5, 2007
By Herman Cain

Politicians use words to inspire, cajole and convince people that their particular policy prescriptions are without fault and beneficial to both the least among us and the nation as a whole. Unfortunately, some politicians also use words to deceive people with a rhetorical frequency and intensity that overshadow reality for the uninformed voter.

Let the Veepstakes Begin

February 26, 2007
By Herman Cain

The media's attention is focused for now on the three-way dust-up between Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY), liberal Hollywood mogul and former Clinton supporter David Geffen and Senator Barack Obama (D-IL). The media cannot avoid a story filled with Hollywood drama and the politics of sex and race. Geffen, who hosted a megastar fundraiser for Obama, told the New York Times, "Everybody in politics lies, but (the Clintons) do it with such ease, it's troubling."

Pandering Their Way to Permanent Minority Status

February 19, 2007
By Herman Cain

Last week I discussed the testimony delivered February 8 by Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson before the Senate Budget Committee on President Bush's fiscal year 2008 budget proposals. When asked by Budget Committee Chairman Kent Conrad (D-ND) about proposals to reform entitlement programs, Paulson said, "Let's take the politics out of this ... without prejudging outcomes, without trying to negotiate this in a public arena." Senator Conrad responded, "I think that is a very constructive statement."

No One's Guarding the Hen House

February 12, 2007
By Herman Cain

Speaker Pelosi may have banned smoking in the Capitol's corridors, but under liberal leadership the backroom is wide open for business. Members of the Bush administration are unconscionably collaborating.

Entitlement is a Disease

February 5, 2007
By Herman Cain

Entitlement is a disease, much like cancer. I fought and won my personal war against cancer, but have thankfully never suffered from entitlement. If there is indeed a divide in our country, as liberals in both political parties are all too willing to espouse and exploit, it may very well be between those Americans who feel entitled to guarantees of health care, retirement income and protections of their self-defined class, and the rest of us who have read the Constitution.

Diversity Distraction

January 29, 2007
By Herman Cain

When The Pillsbury Company appointed me president of the then-troubled Godfather's Pizza chain in 1986, they were not looking for a black president because it was time for the first time in its history to have a black man in charge of a major business unit. They were looking for someone who had successfully demonstrated leadership ability.

A Strange Way to Seek a True Leader

January 22, 2007
By Herman Cain

The next president of the United States of America may not be what we need. We need a real leader who will bring real solutions to the challenges facing our economic infrastructure and national security. We will get the candidate who can best manage the nomination process, party politics and public perception.

Dangerous Democrats vs. the Free Market

January 15, 2007
By Herman Cain

The American public is about to once again witness the liberals' total disdain for, and ignorance of, the dynamics of capitalism and our free market economic system. Liberals in the House have already passed legislation to increase the federal minimum wage three times over the next two years. They have clearly voiced their economy-killing positions on issues ranging from tax rate increases to dictating what companies should pay their employees.

Control Does Not Fill the Leadership Void

January 8, 2007
By Herman Cain

Democrats are celebrating their new majority status in Congress with lots of speeches about bipartisan cooperation and a less-than-inspiring agenda for their first 100 legislative hours. Time will tell if they keep their word on working with Republicans, but the voters want leadership on the big issues, not platitudes about comity and meaningless political victories.

Optimism for the New Year

January 1, 2007
By Herman Cain

My eternal optimism for the New Year is with the American people. It is not with a newly controlled Congress or the battered leadership in the White House.

Christmas and Hanukkah: Deal With It

December 25, 2006
By Herman Cain

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah! Go ahead and call the politically correct police, I do not care. As a lifelong Christian with many Jewish friends, I do care about religious faith and traditions. The faith and traditions practiced each December in the name of the Judeo-Christian God do not need to hide behind secularism and the threat of lawsuits.

How Uncle Sam Assists Identity Thieves

December 18, 2006
By Herman Cain

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents on December 12 arrested 1,282 Swift & Co. meatpacking plant employees in six states on violations of immigration law and identity theft. The arrests were not only the culmination of an 11-month investigation, but they exposed a flimsy government program that knowingly allows millions of illegal aliens to commit identity theft. It's called the Basic Pilot program.

Tiger in 2016!

December 13, 2006
By Herman Cain

The current announced crop of 2008 Republican presidential contenders is about as inspiring as Saturday's leftovers for Monday's lunch. John McCain. We've seen that movie. Do we have to watch the sequel? Rudy Giuliani. Great leader, hates terrorists, but farther to the left than a Blue Dog Democrat. Mitt Romney. Where does he stand on the issues today?

Dem Health Care Plans: Piecemeal Socialism

December 6, 2006
By Herman Cain

Future House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's (D-CA) "Six in '06" policy agenda includes just one health care provision – allowing the federal government to negotiate for lower prescription drug prices. In truth, Pelosi and her big government allies are taking a piecemeal approach toward their larger socialist goal of universal health care. As some conservatives in Congress have shown, however, the only way to lower health care costs is through free market solutions.

Read Between the Lines

November 29, 2006
By Herman Cain

In the 2006 election cycle, Democrats campaigned on the promise of "A New Direction," a platform that expectedly has no compass and little content. Congressman Barney Frank (D-MA) recently told Fox News that Democrats will focus the next two years on raising the minimum wage, providing cheaper drug coverage for seniors and increasing spending on college tuition. Now Congressman Charlie Rangel (D-NY) wants to reinstate the military draft, yet fellow Democratic Congressman Gregory Meeks (D-NY) says Rangel does not really want a draft, and that we should "read between the lines" of his proposal.

Where in the World is the Thanks?

November 22, 2006
By Herman Cain

The week of Thanksgiving is a time to appreciate and give special thanks for the blessings of America, our opportunities and our freedoms. We should be grateful for the men and women who serve in our volunteer military. Without their innumerable sacrifices, our nation would cease to be the beacon of hope for her citizens and billions more across the globe.

No Political Santa Claus

November 15, 2006
By Herman Cain

If you think Santa Claus came early this year by delivering liberal majorities in the House and Senate, you had better check your stocking again. Liberals and the political parties will continue to play us like the kid who asked Santa for a pony, but woke up Christmas morning to find a big box of horse manure.

Compassionate Conservatism Lost

November 8, 2006
By Herman Cain

Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean, likely new House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid (D-NV) and the media will portray Tuesday's takeover as a repudiation of President Bush's leadership on the war in Iraq. The public's media-tinted perception of U.S. progress in Iraq, and its subsequent willingness to vote for Democratic House and Senate candidates does not, however, fully explain the switch in party control. No explanation of the Democrats' takeover is complete without laying partial blame on President Bush's so-called compassionate conservative agenda.

Armchair Presidents

November 1, 2006
By Herman Cain

It's easy to give someone advice after the fact, and even then, there is no measure that the advice would have been a better decision. In sports, it's called being an armchair quarterback.

The Sky Is Not Falling

October 25, 2006
By Herman Cain

The Chicken Littles in the Democratic Party, liberal media outlets and liberal political action groups are attempting to convince voters that the sky is falling on America's economy, our national security and Republican candidates at the national and state levels. Indeed, many Republican candidates have encouraged the liberals' river of rhetoric by failing to lead on replacing the income tax code, restructuring Social Security, cutting federal spending and securing our borders. But the lack of Republican leadership has emboldened liberals to spin what in reality are a few acorns into a natural disaster. The real disaster will occur if we allow them to succeed.

The Economy, Karl

September 6, 2006
By Herman Cain

Election Day 2006 is just two months away, yet it is hard to fathom a time when both major political parties have been more out of touch with the American public. The Republicans appear incapable of touting their successes on the economy, explaining to the public that the war in Iraq is indeed part of the global war against Islamic terrorists and securing our borders against the flood of illegal aliens. The Democrats offer no solutions to the issues. Their election year platform of raising the minimum wage and cutting and running from the Iraqi front would wreck our growing economy and invite further terrorist attacks on our homeland. The party that attains majority status in the House, Senate or both will be the party that articulates common sense solutions on the issue that resonates most with the public – the economy.

Don't Trust the Scorpion

August 30, 2006
By Herman Cain

A variation on a centuries-old parable goes like this: A scorpion wants to cross a stream but, since he cannot swim, the scorpion will need some help. A frog soon hops by and the scorpion says, "Mr. Frog, I would like to get to the other side of the stream, but I cannot swim. Would you carry me on your back?"

Hezbocrats Attack Wal-Mart

August 23, 2006
By Herman Cain

The Hezbocrats, a roaming band of militant guerrillas seeking their party's 2008 nomination for president, have most recently lobbed their rhetorical bombs at Wal-Mart, that cruel capitalist occupying corporation. The most recent base of Hezbocrat activity was Iowa, the state whose January 2008 party caucuses are the nation's first measure of presidential preference. The Hezbocrats, armed with nothing more than Katyusha-grade class warfare rhetoric, descended upon Iowa earlier this month determined to take down Wal-Mart, a company they consider the nation's largest capitalistic oppressor of the proletariat.

Where Congress Fumbles, the States Recover

August 16, 2006
By Herman Cain

The inability and unwillingness of Congress this year to cut federal spending, restructure Social Security, eliminate the estate tax and protect our borders has been well documented. If the Republicans lose seats this November in one or both chambers, they will have their self-imposed legislative impotence to blame. Fortunately, many of the state legislatures realize that the burdens imposed on Americans by illegal aliens, high tax rates and unchecked spending will not go away merely because Congress ignores these issues. Many states are exercising their 10th Amendment rights and offering their own bold solutions.

Democrats Can't Hit the Trifecta

August 9, 2006
By Herman Cain

House and Senate Democrats have made an increase in the federal minimum wage a centerpiece of their 2006 plan to take back control of Congress. Yet when Republicans last week offered up the "trifecta" bill, which contained the minimum wage increase Democrats demand, the Democrats balked and opposed it.

The Propaganda War

August 2, 2006
By Herman Cain

Three groups are waging a spectacularly unified propaganda war against the Israeli military, the U.S. military and the Bush administration. They are the liberal media outlets, liberals in the U.S. Congress and the United Nations. In a world with a 24/7 microscopic news cycle, one statement that is twisted, misunderstood or misrepresented can sway public opinion and political reaction more than 1,000 tanks and 10,000 bombs.

Anatomy of World War III

July 26, 2006
By Herman Cain

Former U.S. House Speaker Newt Gingrich makes a compelling argument in a recent opinion column that the global scope of the war against Islamic terrorists renders it the Third World War. The global conflict against Islamic terrorists does indeed confer upon it World War status. However, an examination of four factors - the enemy, the weapons used, the battlefield and motivating ideology - shows World War Three (WW III) is here, though it is fundamentally different than any war we have ever fought.

Illegal Dirty Little Secrets about Social Security

July 19, 2006
By Herman Cain

There are two dirty little secrets behind the debate over illegal aliens that even the advocates of securing the borders first have failed to discuss.

One Culture, Indivisible

July 12, 2006
By Herman Cain

Bloomberg and other elected officials who value the economic impact of illegal aliens' labor over the cultural decimation wrought by our acquiescence to illegals' demands should be swiftly removed from office. Those we elect to make laws must not be allowed to compromise their enforcement, which undermines our unique American culture.

Misplaced Priorities Again in the Senate

July 5, 2006
By Herman Cain

It could cost more to get caught working in the world's oldest profession if a bill passed last week by the U.S. Senate Finance Committee becomes law. The Finance Committee approved legislation that would allow the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to prosecute pimps and prostitutes for tax code violations. Senate Finance Committee chairman Charles Grassley (R-IA) proposed the legislation, which would impose a 10-year prison term on pimps for each prostitute in his employ on whom he fails to file a W-2 form.

We Need a New Independence

June 28, 2006
By Herman Cain

When our Founding Fathers signed the Declaration of Independence, they envisioned a governing body comprised of citizen legislators who served at the consent of the public. Today, too many of our elected officials have become independent kings concerned more with power, party and their political careers. The people who elect them and common sense policy solutions are no longer priorities. The inability of the men and women who represent us to secure our nation's economic infrastructure and our borders has produced a governing body no less tyrannical than King George himself. We need a new independence from these kings in Washington, D.C.

Democrats' New Direction: Same as the Old Direction

June 21, 2006
By Herman Cain

House and Senate Democratic leaders held a press conference on June 16 to announce their bold, new policy initiatives in a plan called New Direction. Their accompanying press statement promises, "Democrats are ready with a New Direction, with policies to address the real challenges Americans face every day." Their idea of the "real challenges Americans face every day" does not include fighting and winning the global war on terrorism, restructuring the Social Security and Medicare programs, rewriting the income tax code or cutting federal spending, because none of those issues are included in New Direction. Instead, they proposed more obstruction, more pandering and more deception with new rhetoric.

Know Our Enemy

June 14, 2006
By Herman Cain

The death in Iraq of Muslim terrorist leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, and the recent arrest of 17 Muslim would-be terrorists in Canada, reminds us that the war on terrorism is global and it will be fought forever. Too many people do not understand the origins and motivations of our enemy - Muslim terrorists.

It's Time To Go RINO Hunting

June 7, 2006
By Herman Cain

The split in the majority party between conservatives and RINOs - Republicans in Name Only - first became apparent during last year's debate over proposals to restructure the Social Security program. The chasm has only deepened this session in debates and votes in Congress on immigration, tax policy, spending and judicial nominees. Whether we agree or not with all aspects of President Bush's agenda, we at least know his positions. Conversely, Congressional Republicans are like a lost ship adrift at sea with no captain or compass.

We Need More Big Potatoes

May 31, 2006
By Herman Cain

My grandfather was a farmer. Though he was the grandson of slaves, he was able to own his small farm in rural Douglas County, Georgia and earn a modest return as the fruits of his labor. Many times as a little boy when I would visit my grandparents, Granddad had to take a load of potatoes into the local farmer's market. When he finished loading the wagon Granddad would announce to all the grandchildren running around in the yard, "Them that's goin', get on the wagon! Them that ain't, get outta the way!"

The Truth is Alien to the Left

May 24, 2006
By Herman Cain

The ignorance strategy apparently worked so well last year to stifle any attempt to restructure the Social Security system that liberals - from both political parties - have extended this game plan to other issues. In George Orwell's 1984, Big Brother constantly reminded the citizens that "ignorance is strength" to diminish the public's desire to know the truth.

Social Security Scam Keeps On Ticking

May 17, 2006
By Herman Cain

The Social Security Trustees issued their annual report earlier this month, and the program's fiscal outlook is even worse than estimated last year. Yet, as predictably as May brings rain showers from Heaven and bloated supplemental spending bills from Congress, liberals in the media, the House and the Senate continue to deny that the Social Security program faces a fiscal crisis.

A Letter from a Slave to an Illegal Alien

May 10, 2006
By Herman Cain

Dear Illegal Alien,
My ancestors were brought to this country in chains against their will, and sold and forced to work like common farm animals. They had to abide by the laws to stay alive.

Congress Needs New Draft Picks

May 2, 2006
By Herman Cain

The recent National Football League draft provided each team and its fans optimism that this is the year they move one step closer to the championship by drafting the nation's top collegiate talent. In November of this year, voters will once again go to the polls to select the men and women they believe will move them one step closer to big solutions to our nation's biggest problems. The problem this year for the majority team's fans - Republican voters - is that their team is failing to live up to the optimism that followed the 1994, 2000 and 2004 elections.

Gas Prices and Political Hot Air

April 26, 2006
By Herman Cain

The recent sharp increase in retail gas prices has once again caused some members of Congress to blame President Bush and criticize oil companies for gouging and profiteering. The politicians are revealing their own economic illiteracy, and they are deliberately attempting to confuse their constituents with misleading and untruthful information on the causes of fluctuations in oil and gas prices. Political hot air will not bring down gas prices.

Illegal entitlement is not an option

April 19, 2006
By Herman Cain

The movement to grant amnesty and eventual U.S. citizenship to some 12 million illegal aliens has turned the issue from the sounds of silence to the sounds of entitlement.
The entitlement mentality did not begin in America, but it has flourished here in the last century. The American claim on entitlements to health care, retirement income and seemingly any "right" one can conceive was birthed from the womb of Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal, reared by Kennedy's New Frontier and came of age in Johnson's Great Society.

No correlation: Civil rights and illegals' rights

April 4, 2006
By Herman Cain

Hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens and their supporters voluntarily stepped out of the shadows last week by waving the Mexican flag and marching in the streets. The blatant flaunting of their illegal status in cities across the nation was in protest of legislation passed by the U.S. House that, if enacted, will create felons out of the approximately 11 million illegal aliens currently residing on American soil.

Stop Lying About Tax Cuts

March 29, 2006
By Herman Cain

Every good liberal will tell you that low tax rates cause tax revenues to drop, hurt the economy, benefit only the wealthy and cause skyrocketing budget deficits. A Wall Street Journal article last week blew a hole in those liberal lies. The Journal reported that federal tax revenues for the first five months of fiscal year 2006 are up 10.3 percent from the same period a year ago. The 2006 revenue growth adds to a 15 percent tax revenue increase from 2004 to 2005. This good fortune for U.S. Treasury coffers is attributed to the steady and growing economy, which is largely a product of the 2003 cuts in income, dividend and capital gains tax rates.

Spending Madness in Congress

March 22, 2006
By Herman Cain

When the U.S. Senate had the opportunity last week to end the outrageous practice of robbing Social Security dollars to spend on other government programs, they voted the measure down 53 to 46. This amendment to the fiscal year 2007 budget resolution would have simply required all Social Security payroll tax receipts to be used solely for Social Security benefits.

Gross Congressional Negligence

March 15, 2006
By Herman Cain

When corporate executives commit fraud and negligence against their customers and employees, they get fired or go to jail. Every year that members of Congress delay in restructuring the Medicare and Medicaid programs to avoid facing a coming economic disaster, they are committing gross negligence against the citizens of the United States. Unfortunately, many of them get re-elected. In 2004, 99 percent of House incumbents were reelected, as were 96 percent of their colleagues in the Senate.

End the $100 Billion Witch Hunt

March 08, 2006
By Herman Cain

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) claims in a February 2006 report that for every dollar spent chasing unpaid taxes, they can recover about $4 for federal coffers. To close the expected 2005 "tax gap," the IRS would have to spend $100 billion in an attempt to recover $400 billion. That's $100 billion of our tax dollars spent to hunt us down for unavoidable errors trying to comply with the tax code.

Leadership is W.A.R.

March 02, 2006
By Herman Cain

Effective leadership in business and politics requires going to W.A.R. to achieve successful solutions: Working on the right problem. Asking the right questions. Removing barriers that impede progress toward the ultimate goal. Sometimes that W.A.R. must start with your own management team.

Liberal goal for America: Gutless socialism

February 21, 2006
By Herman Cain

The United States of America is drifting away from capitalism and its free-market foundations toward a gutless brand of socialism. Yet unlike the tyrannical dictators who ruled communist nations in the 20th Century, congressional liberals lack the guts to tell the public their true intentions. Those intentions are motivated by the Marxist philosophy of "From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs." Instead of conducting a deadly revolution, liberals are waging their war on capitalism through public policy, assaults on our free-market system and socialistic rhetoric.

Opportunity is not black or white

February 14, 2006
By Herman Cain

Former President Jimmy Carter said last week at Coretta Scott King's funeral:
"The struggle for equal rights is not over. We only have to recall the color of the faces of the people in Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi - those who are most devastated by Katrina - to know that there are not equal opportunities for all Americans."

Antebellum Democrats

January 20, 2006
By Herman Cain

The latest installment in the Democratic Party's attempt to divide the country came this week when their favorite daughter, Sen. Hillary Clinton (D - NY), used the occasion of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day to stem the decline of Black people voting for their candidates. Democrats are justifiably frightened over the fact that in 2004 President Bush received between 12 to 16 percent support from African-American voters in battleground states such as Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Minnesota.

Lies and Flies

January 13, 2006
By Herman Cain

Flies at a picnic have no greater agenda than to disrupt our sunny day and try to spoil the potato salad. Fortunately, the annoying pests can be sent on their way with a little repellant. Congressional liberals, similarly devoid of a stated economic agenda, are exhibiting the same behavior as picnic flies. Our repellant against these nuisances is to persistently tell the facts.

Freedom is Born

December 15, 2005
By Herman Cain

The month of December annually marks a time when most of us reflect on our many blessings, including, of course, the birth of Jesus Christ and the freedom we have in America to worship as we choose. We pause in December to consider ourselves thankful to live in the United States of America, the bastion of free people and ideas, the "shining city on a hill" that has shone the path to freedom and hope for billions of people around the world. In recent years most of us have also included in our prayers and our generosity the members of our armed services and their families. They are truly the greatest among us, for they fight and sacrifice every day so that we may continue to enjoy the freedoms and rights endowed by our Creator, and pursue our own individual dreams and happiness.

Seeing Green in Red China

December 3, 2005
By Herman Cain

President Bush's recent visit to China caused numerous political pundits and investment experts to declare that the Chinese economy will soon surpass our own. They cited the Chinese economy's rapid growth, increasing foreign investment and large workforce, willing to do the jobs of Americans at a fraction of the labor cost. China's government and economy, however, are still communist and state-controlled. While the pundits and experts like to look only at the green, they would be wise to see China for the red nation it remains.

Destruction from Within

October 25, 2005
By Herman Cain

General Douglas MacArthur once stated, "I am concerned for the security of our great nation; not so much because of any threat from without, but because of the insidious forces working from within." As General MacArthur warned, forces that threaten our national economic security are alive and thriving within our own borders.

Extreme Deceptive Rhetoric

October 11, 2005
By Herman Cain

Extreme deceptive rhetoric (EDR) is a tactic often employed by well known liberals to grab headlines and applause lines. Liberals enjoy speaking in EDR because speaking the truth about the issues and their positions usually causes them to lose support. EDR makes logical, grown-up debate on the issues impossible, which is exactly the liberals' intent. This type of rhetoric promotes racial tension, class warfare and a public uneducated in basic economic literacy. Sadly, many of these stupid and inflammatory statements are not being made by stupid people.

Leadership to nowhere

October 4, 2005
By Herman Cain

Congressman Don Young's (R-AK) response to the suggestion by some of his colleagues that he forego an appropriation for his home state to offset a portion of the hurricane recovery cost exposes our monumental weakness in congressional leadership. Congressman Young called giving up his $223 million "bridge to nowhere," which will connect the City of Ketchikan to an island with 50 residents, a "moronic" idea.

Economic Deception

September 20, 2005
By Herman Cain

What part of "the 2003 tax cuts are working" do Democrats not understand? Democratic Congressional leaders and the flaming liberal media are already beating the drum of rolling back President Bush's 2003 tax cuts, even more tax increases to pay for rebuilding the Gulf Coast and aiding victims of Hurricane Katrina. They are either economically illiterate or intentionally deceiving the public.

Prevent an Economic Disaster

September 13, 2005
By Herman Cain

The immediate, national outpouring of support for victims of Hurricane Katrina makes us proud of our nation and her compassionate citizens. But the rapid shock felt around the country at the gas pump accentuated our vulnerability to negative long-term economic effects, which Congress has yet to adequately address. Whereas Hurricane Katrina was an uncontrollable natural disaster, we can prevent an imminent economic disaster.

The Business of Rebuilding

September 7, 2005
By Herman Cain

As residents of New Orleans and the rest of the Gulf Coast begin to pick themselves up from a devastating natural disaster, they're finding lots of hands reaching out to help. Ordinary Americans and companies large and small from across the country are reaching out by the thousands to offer flood victims their time, talents and financial resources. It will take a long time for some communities to recover from Hurricane Katrina, but we are once again witnessing that the most effective compassion comes from the private sector.

Spend-and-tax epidemic

August 31, 2005
By Herman Cain

Federal and state level lawmakers are confronted every day with the significant challenges of national security, fighting the war on terrorism, rising gasoline prices and our retirement and health care programs. There is an epidemic growing out of control, however, that is not getting enough attention and leadership. This epidemic is government spending and government taxation.

Give the Democrats a Flat Basketball

August 15, 2005
By Herman Cain

If the Republicans in Congress want to give the Democrats a flat basketball to kick around in the 2006 election season, they should act now to reauthorize the Voting Rights Act of 1965 (VRA) and all its provisions for all states. The Democratic political dribble, distortion and deception have already started.

What's Right About America!

August 3, 2005
By Herman Cain

Last Sunday when I returned from church services I opened my hometown newspaper, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, and settled in with a cup of coffee to review the day's news. It was a good thing I had already received my inspiration at church, or I could have easily become downright depressed over the negative headlines in nearly every section of the paper.

Setting the eagle free

July 26, 2005
By Herman Cain

The eagle is our nation's symbol of freedom, strength and vision. It symbolizes both our legacy and our future. The spirit of the eagle reflects the hope of everyone who desires and pursues their American dream.

Democratic Head-Fake

June 23, 2005
By Herman Cain

In basketball, the head-fake move is used to temporarily distract your opponent. The head-faker, the player with the ball, first gets his opponent to commit to one direction on the court. When his opponent falls for the fake, the head-faker can dribble right around him to score.

Leaders, liberals and laggards

June 15, 2005
By Herman Cain

Leaders make things happen. Liberals stop things from happening, and laggards wait to act until someone else acts first. Leaders, liberals, and laggards are all present in our nation's Capital, where our elected officials are supposed to work on fixing our big issues. Unfortunately, the leaders are way out-numbered.

Play to Win

June 6, 2005
By Herman Cain

Congressional Republicans have not performed like a team since the victory celebrations of November 2004, when they won the majority in both Houses of Congress. The "deal" recently brokered by Senator John McCain (R-AZ) was another example. Not only did he and six other Republicans defect from the leadership of Majority Leader Bill Frist (R-TN) on President Bush's judicial nominees, they did it in cahoots with seven moderate Democrats. They call it "trust and maintaining Senate tradition." I call it divide and delay meaningful solutions to the biggest issues.

The Ignorance Strategy

May 23, 2005
By Herman Cain

In George Orwell's classic book entitled 1984, one of the brainwashing pillars used by Big Brother was "ignorance is strength." All citizens were constantly reminded of this principle to diminish their desire to know the truth. Adherence to this principle kept the government strong and the citizens weak.

Classless warfare

May 12, 2005
By Herman Cain

The rhetoric of class warfare is as old as dirt. Even Pharaoh kept the slaves fighting among themselves to extend their captivity. But there is nothing classy about stirring people's jealousy and envy, making people feel as if the world owes them something, or bashing people who take risks to create jobs and help drive our economy. It is classless exploitation to appeal to a person's weakness of understanding instead of their strength of character.

A skunk in the polls

May 2, 2005
By Herman Cain

Nearly every day we are bombarded with reports on television, radio and in the newspapers alleging that a majority of the public does not support President Bush's plan to restructure Social Security.

Mudslinging not sticking

By Herman Cain
Congressional Democrats, their allies in liberal media outlets, and left-leaning groups like the AARP and NAACP are losing their war of negative rhetoric and distortion against restructuring Social Security. A March 30 Fox News/Opinion Dynamics poll found that 60 percent of Americans favor giving individuals the choice to invest a portion of their Social Security contributions in stocks or mutual funds. In the same poll, 54 percent were concerned that the current system will not have enough money to pay them their full benefits when they retire.

Separate Water Fountains

By Herman Cain
I can still remember the separate water fountains and segregated buses as a young boy growing up in Atlanta in the 1950's. Even as a seven-year-old kid I felt insulted and humiliated by the insinuation that we were not good enough to drink from the same water fountains as Whites, or ride in the front of the bus. Thanks to the leadership of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., U.S. House and Senate Republicans, and the sacrifices of many others, the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was enacted to end this discrimination and begin to restore the full rights of citizenship for all Americans.

Tax cow disease

By Herman Cain
Every spring, around the time Congress begins deliberating the next fiscal year budget and our tax returns are due, there are countless media stories about complexity of the tax code, overspending of our tax dollars, waste in government and the waste of our time spent trying to comply with an insane system of collecting federal revenue.

Ownership: An Unalienable Right

By Herman Cain
My maternal grandfather was a farmer and would proudly take his vegetables and produce into town to sell at the farmers' market. He was often successful in getting a respectable return on his sweat equity, which would allow him to support his family and plan for the next growing season.

April madness

By Herman Cain
The college basketball tournament called "March Madness" is over but the April madness for working people is just beginning. Leroy and Bessie Public may mourn the loss by their favorite team for a day or so, but filing and paying taxes is both a pain and an agony that never goes away.

Congress, stop digging

By Herman Cain
"Once you're in a hole, stop digging," goes the old saying. The United States keeps getting further and further in a fiscal hole due to the stifling effects of the 9-million-word tax code mess, the impending insolvency of the Social Security system, and the ever-growing budget deficit, but congressional leaders won't stop digging.


By Herman Cain
April 15th marks a national springtime ritual that has nothing to do with April flowers. It's the official due date to file our federal returns for taxes we know about and those we never see coming until after they hit us.

Dirty little secrets

By Herman Cain
ATLANTA, March 15 (UPI) -- There are three dirty little secrets congressional Democrats don't want you to know about Social Security.

City of doubt

By Herman Cain
ATLANTA, March 5 (UPI) -- You would think that with all the hullabaloo about having a Republican president and a Republican-controlled House and Senate, there would be more optimism about what could be accomplished during President Bush's second term. Unfortunately, many of members of Congress have shunned that optimism and turned Washington, D.C. into a "City of Doubt."